Formula 1 driving experience

Formula 1 driving

For the space of a moment, put yourself in the shoes of a Formula 1 driver ... a dream that EVASION Club allows you to achieve.

You too, take part in the very closed formula 1 drivers club, through one of our Formula 1 driving experience.

You will be supervised by a team of professionals who are waiting to share their knowledge and skills with you.

Each of our Formula 1 driving experience is designed and developed by Formula 1 professionals, mindful of the quality of the experience you will have.

During the day of the experience, you will be trained on the knowledge required for a smooth driving on the racetrack, with a training session (technical information ...) and an introduction to the single seater driving in a Formula Renault (track identification, ...).

Our ultimate goal is to offer you an exceptional day, whatever type of experience you have chosen. Our different experiences are available in several GP Circuits.

EVASION Club offers its trainees an impressive fleet of formula 1, where each formula 1 has its history and pedigree (Prost AP04 2001, Benetton B198, Williams FW21, Jaguar R3 and Williams FW33 2011 ...)

Follow the footsteps of Formula 1 drivers.

Three programs are available:

  • Bronze : Formula 1 of 650 HP
  • Silver : Formula 1 of 700 HP
  • Gold : Formula 1 of 750 HP

Each program includes an introduction to the single seater by driving a Formula Renault (2 sessions of 15 to 20 minutes) and a complete instruction. A gradual introduction will allow you to better know the track and prepare you for a unique driving experience of a Formula 1.

Formula 1 driving: bronze

Formula 1 driving: silver

Formula 1 driving: gold

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