Formula 1 driving experience: bronze

Formula 1 driving: bronze

Drive a F1 Prost AP04, a Benetton B198 or a Williams FW21

3...2...1...GOOOOO! The F1 bronze offer was foreseen for your first laps in a Formula 1, you will have the possibility of driving either a Prost AP04, a Benetton B198 or a Williams FW21.
To get used to the circuit, you will start with two sessions in Formula Renault. Then, with the help of our support team, our instructors and as you learn how to drive the single-seaters, you will be able to fully enjoy the 650 CHs of these F1s.

Prost AP04 2001: Having belonged to the team of F1 Prost Grand Prix. This car finished fourth at the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa in 2001. Its original Ferrari engine was replaced by a Cosworth V8 or a Peugeot V10.

Benetton B198: Designed for the 1998 season, this chassis that was originally equipped with a Mecachrome V10 engine is now equipped with a 3.5-liter Cosworth V8. Driven at the time by Alexander Wurz and Giancarlo Fisichella, this car won the pole position of the Austrian GP.

Williams FW21: Ralf Schumacher won two podiums with this car in 1999. His V10 Supertec engine was replaced by a Cosworth V8.